Jalapeño margaritas



Serves 4


- 8 oz of tequila (either white or aged)

- Half of a jalapeño pepper

- 4 oz of fresh lime juice

- 3 oz of orange liquor

- 2 oz of simple syrup

- Salt for the rim

- One jalapeño pepper cut lengthwise



            Rub the rim of 4 margarita glasses with half of a lime, rub the rim of the glass on a plte filled with salt, shake excess salt.   In blender put the jalapeño pepper with seeds ald all and 2 oz lime juice and about 5 tbsp water, mix well. Se aside. In a shaker full of ice pour 2 oz of this mix, plus the rest of the ingredients, shake well for about 12 to 15 seconds.Pour ice in the margarita glasses, pour this mixture evenly into the 4 margarita glasses. Decorate the rim with the jalapeño cut lengthwise. Enjoy!! Note: if you want it less spicy, put less jalapeño or viceversa, this depends on how spicy the jalapeño is and how spicy you want them.

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